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  • Bill J., Krav Maga Northern Virginia Testimonials

    Great instructors with knowledge & experience. Highly recommend Krav Maga Northern Virginia for fitness & hand to hand combat.

    Bill J.
  • The workout is great, and it feels like you learn real self-defense.  I can't say whether you do, and kind of hope I never find out, but the training feels practical and useful.  I do know that I can punch and kick much harder and more effectively than when I started, and don't feel so out-of-water in out of the way places at night.  Can't say enough positive stuff about this place. 

    Ivan L.
  • I've been here a little over a year now. This was my first martial arts experience. My fianc√© convinced me to try krav maga. I did the trial class and immediately signed up for a year. I'm so glad I did! I was so nervous, being a typical elliptical gal at the gym. But they were great about helping me learn and become more confident. I didn't feel any pressure to join, which was probably good because I was nervous signing up for a year.

    I'll admit that at first I was shocked at the price. Of course, now I see how stupid and ignorant I was. I'm unfortunately considering moving to MD (north of DC) within the next year for work, and have been preemptively scoping out gyms. The price I pay here for unlimited training is nothing in comparison to what other gyms charge. I cannot find one gym even close to this price. It's really making me consider staying in VA.

    I just tried jiu jitu for the first time three weeks ago. I figured since I have unlimited training, I should use more of it than two or three krav maga classes per week. And now I'm hooked on that too! They even let me train without a gi.

    Super low key. All of the instructors are great (though I'll admit I have favorites). Very realistic - you definitely don't leave the class with this false sense of security, like you can take on anyone. Instead, you are just more aware. There are a lot of big guys in the class, and higher level students also participate in the level 1 class. I personally like that, and I've only once or twice had to ask a guy to kick a little lighter or punch a little lighter. They are always really understanding.

    I really don't want to switch gyms! I'm staying as long as I can!

    Allison G.
  • Been training with these guys since 2011 and I can't think of a better investment.  Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it.  It's not easy, but not impossible to advance up levels.  You WILL get in shape and learn how to defend yourself (silly forms do not apply here).  Don't be put off by the seemingly simple and repeated techniques; they're practical, effective, and are easily utilized by any body type.  All the instructors know what they are doing and want to see you go home alive.  This ain't another McDojo, it's a place that builds strength inside and out.

    Alex S.

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