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Why Imi Litchtenfeld put Aikido techniques in Krav Maga

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Why Imi Litchtenfeld put Aikido techniques in Krav Maga

In this article we would like to focus on some of the Aikido techniques taught in Krav Maga.  The techniques are called Sankyo, Iriminage and Kotegaeshi.  The explanations from Japanese to English as follows:

Sankyo – a rotational wrist lock / break that directs upward-spiraling tension throughout the arm, elbow and shoulder.

Iriminage – an entering throw / collar bone break

Kotegashi – a wrist lock / break / throw

Depending on what denomination of Krav Maga you train in, these may be given to you with Hebrew names, or simply taught as part of a wider group of techniques.

At first it may seem to the novice like trying to mix water and oil in respect to blending Krav Maga and Aikido, yet once you begin to go deeper into Krav Maga it soon clicks fairly easily as to why those techniques are there.

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