Martial Arts Programs Available In Springfield

Krav Maga

Develop bodyguard-grade self-defense skills, fear nothing and get ready to turn heads everywhere you go! When you take Krav Maga classes at Krav Maga Northern Virginia, you'll learn how to get fit and go home safe!

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Group Fitness

Krav Maga NOVA's Fitness program is an intense full body workout designed to improve flexibility, stamina and functional strength. It is a blend of strength and conditioning exercises and Krav Maga core movements.

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Law Enforcement and Military

Master the best self-defense tactics in town with our Law Enforcement and Military Training in Springfield today. These classes will help you stay fit and prepared for anything.

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Muay Thai Kickboxing

Do you have what it takes to take on an opponent? Learn everything you need to know about sparring and ground fighting with our Krav Maga fight class in Springfield. Sign up today!

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